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CAGE THE ELEPHANT Announce New Album ‘Social Cues’

The US-born and London-bred rock band have announced their fifth studio album and released the video for their first single Ready To Let Go.

Cage the Elephant 2019

It’s been a while since we heard from Cage The Elephant and it turns out they’ve been busy. In November, the band announced that the new album was done and mastered, and now they’ve revealed a release date: Social Cues will be out April 19th through Columbia Records. After teasing snippets of their newest single on Instagram stories last month, the full bizarre music video for Ready To Let Go dropped last week and marked a promising start for the album.

The unsettling, highly gory visuals for the video draw quick comparisons with FX’s ‘American Horror Story’. With bloody tears streaming down his face, frontman Matt Shultz sings that he’s “ready to let go.” This seems to be the general theme for the album. As explained, the majority of the material on Social Cues was written during the unravelling of Shultz’s relationship. In order make sense of such a difficult experience, he explored the hidden recesses of his psyche, creating characters to tell different parts of his personal story.

These “hidden recesses” seem to be more bizarre than we expected from Cage The Elephant, but they certainly spark our interest. And with UK tour dates to be announced soon, this won’t be the last we’ll see of them on GIG GOER.

Cage the Elephant Social Cues Artwork


Broken Boy
Social Cues
Black Madonna
Night Running (Cage The Elephant, Beck)
Skin and Bones
Ready To Let Go
House of Glass
Love’s the Only Way
The War is Over
Dance Dance
What I’m Becoming
Tokyo Smoke