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STATE CHAMPS Unveil New Video for ‘Criminal’

A hunt for an iPod classic continues…

State Champs blew fans away with their massive 2018 record Living Proof, on which they worked with John Feldmann, releasing arguably their best album to date and perhaps one of the best albums of the year altogether. Every song is a banger, and it was only a matter of time until music videos would start to roll out. Directed by Miguel Barbosa, the Criminal clip is the latest in a series of interconnected music videos.

The video follows a man in his desperate quest to obtain a 5th generation iPod in New York City. As he runs into more and more bizarre circumstances, his chances of scoring one seem to be getting slimmer. As State Champs have taken an approach of the interconnected music videos, this seems to be a prequel of the Dead and Gone video in which a man with a 5th gen iPod finds himself being stalked. With the release of the video, the band has mentioned that they aren’t ready to reveal the meaning of the videos yet, so we’ll just have to wait for the next one and see.

On the video, bassist Ryan Scott Graham shares:

We had a blast filming a handful of cameos for the new Criminal video. Miguel Barbosa had a great vision to expand on our idea of developing a series of interconnected videos for this album cycle, this of course being a prequel of sorts to the video for Dead and Gone. We had a lot of people asking about the meaning of it all, but we’re not ready to divulge that information yet! Just watch the video and enjoy.

State Champs will be playing Download Festival in the UK on June 16th.