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Live: HOLDING ABSENCE // Underworld, London

Following on from their recent self-titled release, tonight Holding Absence are playing their first ever headline show in London, at the end of an eight day tour.

Their fans are restlessly waiting for the band to take the stage, many wearing party hats. Holding Absence are explosive, lead singer Lucas Woodland performing with such ruthlessness holding nothing back with raw vocals and screaming chill inducing lines. The night is filled with fans crowd surfing onto the stage due to the lack of barrier at The Underworld then many stage diving back on top of the fans in an endless cycle.

Holding Absence are the perfect combination of melodic riffs and heavy hardcore choruses, made especially apparent during Wilt ricocheting between daydream to nightmare with seamless instrumentation. During Marigold the dingy basement that is The Underworld is lit up by phones and actually looks rather pretty. The crowd singing ‘Marigold you’ll never know’ is beautiful.

Everything about Holding Absence is faultless from their playing to their erratic stage presence. The band come back on for an encore of Like A Shadow and Penance both of which are biting and full of energy. For their debut headline London show Holding Absence really delivered their all and put on an incredible show.

Photos: Dani Willgress