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MAT KEREKES of CITIZEN Announces Solo Album ‘Ruby’

The Michigan-born singer is best known for being the lead singer of alt-rock band Citizen, but Kerekes’ new album Ruby isn’t his first solo project.

Mat Kerekes 2019

Mat Kerekes is a busy man, to say the least. Besides touring and releasing music for his main project Citizen, he also writes a steady stream of new material outside of it. Mat released his first solo album in 2016, titled Luna & The Wild Blue Everything, and in the subsequent year released an album for both Citizen and his other band, The Flats. All of his projects are versatile, and Ruby is no different.

His first single Diamonds is a great example of this. Whereas Mat’s previous album was more acoustic based, this song has an epic pop edge, more alternative than before, and boasts multilayered vocal choruses that would make Freddy Mercury proud. It’s nothing short of an amazing song and it’s a promising start for the album. We’re hoping he’ll bring it to the stage soon.

Before that happens, Mat will be touring with Citizen and playing two UK shows, visiting London’s Moth Club on April 27th and Leeds’ Canal Mills on April 28th.

Ruby is set for release on April 19th.