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LEA PORCELAIN Reveal Video for ‘I Am Ok’

Lea Porcelain’s new single I Am Ok is shimmering and uplifting, with a very optimistic tone.

Lea Porcelain 2019

I Am Ok is the first cut taken from the duo’s upcoming EP, set for release on June 21st.

With ukulele at the forefront of the single, the tone is already set to be cheerful and full of character. Blending distant vocals with optimistic lyrics, you get a really sultry and happy track. The instrumentation in the song is very well thought out and put together, all the instruments coming together to create a surreal atmosphere complimenting the lyrics perfectly. The music is accompanied by a music video of Lea Porcelain walking around New York at night and it reflects the tone of the song well, adding an interesting dynamic.

Speaking on the music video spontaneously filmed in New York, the band has commented:

We felt that New York was the perfect city to describe what we were feeling in this song. It was a moment of losing and finding yourself again. Never hide from who you are. And it’s ok to feel lost sometimes, you just have to pick yourself up again and know your path. This comes straight from the heart. Know you’re alright! I AM OK <3️