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SELFISH THINGS Release New Single ‘Pride’

A pioneering Toronto four-piece, Selfish Things have premiered their latest brilliant single Pride

Selfish Things 2018

The track is moving and captivating, with lyrics that cut deep into the feelings of the listener with how relatable they are in a rather dark way. Slowly adding more instrumentation as the song progresses, Pride has an interesting direction as things get more pressing and urgent. This coincides perfectly with the music video, depicting messages being left without a response as things escalate to the point of the person breaking their phone. This is a very hard hitting music video but it is effective in getting the band’s message across.

Singer Alex Biro explains:

‘Pride’ came to fruition after one of the strangest nights of my life. I was surrounded by people at an incredibly bougie Hollywood afterparty who placed value in stature and clout instead of morality and kindness. The world is increasingly disconnected and I woke up the next morning feeling sick to my stomach and isolated. The song defines what it feels like to be the odd man out in a place you don’t belong.