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DEREK TED Unveils Music Video for ‘Sew Me Up’

Having singed to Pure Noise Records, Derek Ted has released chilled out new music video for Sew Me Up taken from his new EP, Better Spirit.

Derek Ted 2019

Made up of loads of clips filmed out the last seven year, the music video matches the musical tone of the track intertwining uplifting and melancholic parts of the song.

Sew Me Up tells a bit of the story of Ted moving from San Fransisco to LA, he has spoken about the single saying:

This song is about friendship and almost like a love song for your best buds…This video was directed by my best friend (Kevin Patrick) and we used tons of old lo fi footage going back to the days of living in SF. I didn’t know it at the time … but we had been filming this video for the past 7 years.