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SLEEP ON IT Release New Single ‘Hold Your Breath’

Sleep On It’s new single Hold Your Breath is pop punk at its best.

Sleep On It 2019

The track has been taken from the band’s upcoming album Pride & Disaster out on September 13th via Rude Records.

Hold Your Breath is made up of ringing guitar riffs and catchy group vocals bringing together the greatest parts of pop punk into a brilliant track. The single is accompanied by a video of one of the band’s performances as well as behind the scenes clips, giving fans a taste of what touring life is like.

On the new single, guitarist TJ Horansky says:

Musically, this was the first song I ever wrote while on tour. It was back in November while we were on the road with Broadside and With Confidence. I demoed the instrumentals in Maryland and Zech wrote vocals while we were at the Palladium in Worchester.

The energy of the song was inspired by our live show. Since we were on tour and playing every night, I was just in that mindset. I remember showing the guys in the other bands on the tour and getting their feedback. The music video is a logical encapsulation of that energy we put in to our live show.



1. Racing Towards A Red Light
2. Hold Your Breath
3. Babe Ruth
4. Under The Moment
5. Fix The Dark
6. After Tonight
7. Take Me Back
8. The Cycle Of Always Leaving
9. Logan Square
10. Lost & Found