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BAKERS EDDY Reveal Video for ‘On My Own’

Bakers Eddy revel in being the wallflower in new video for single On My Own.

Bakers Eddy 2019

Bakers Eddy have returned with an amusing video for new single On My Own, a track that celebrates the joy of embracing your inner-introvert.

Featuring the catchy guitar riffs and humour of their previous works, the newest from New Zealand natives Bakers Eddy is one to add to your circulation. In a world of increasing communication for young people, the track is a refreshing and tongue-in-cheek approach to a reflection of self-reliance.

Recorded in their home town of Melbourne and mixed by Grammy Award nominated producer Doug Boehm (Girls, Twin Peaks, Tokyo Police Club) On My Own is, in the words of front man Ciarann Babbington, a “celebration of laziness”.

Ciarann goes on to tell us:

I’m declaring that I feel uninspired and uninterested and it’s so fine. There’s so much guilt that comes with having off days in a world of 15 second socialites, where everyone’s got their own highlight reel, and I think it’s totally fine to slow the fuck down and embrace your introvert every once and a while.