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ASKING ALEXANDRIA Release Lyric Video for ‘Down To Hell’

AA embrace their inner demon and push the pedal to the metal on their way home to hell.

Asking Alexandria 2020

If Antisocialist brought a healthy dose of madness and heaviness, balanced by interludes of cold and rational monologues, Down To Hell swiftly turns the heat to the maximum and keeps the fiery intensity up from beginning to end. Owning their faults and proudly relishing in them with defying confidence and dismissive attitude, Asking Alexandria take the reigns of their own journey, charging ahead with unruly determination. This track boasts with intoxicating wild energy and can easily become the anthem you never knew you needed as the final push to pick yourself up, come to terms with your perceived faults, cut through the negative voices and go do whatever you wanted to do anyway.

The song’s wild fire vibe and clear message is supported through animated visuals in the flagship black and red style the band has adopted for their first album with Danny back in the mix. This headbanger surely sets high expectation and raises the excitement for the upcoming album, Like A House On Fire – 15th of May can’t come soon enough.

Speaking on the new track, guitarist Ben Bruce comments:

We all have a rebellious side and Down to Hell is a big ol’, rebellious rock n roll song reminiscent of From Death to Destiny. From the minute the song starts to the very last note the energy doesn’t stop! It’s a headbanger from start to finish and I cannot wait to play this one live!