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BONIFACE Unveils New Single ‘Dear Megan’

Dear Megan is the new awakening single from Canada’s Boniface that will set hearts racing. Boniface aka Micah Visser pours 80’s style synths all over that project into thriving chorus. Dear Megan just feels like the soundtrack to summer memories full of thoughtlessness and exhilaration, rightly

Album Review // GLOO ‘A Pathetic Youth’

You’ll be tempted to go out and smash something as Sussex punks Gloo rile you up with their debut album.  Hailing from the small town of Littlehampton, Gloo’s big sound doesn’t seem to reflect this. Their debut album provides ten tracks of smashing guitars, boisterous

HOMEBOUND Share New Single ‘Change of Heart’

Homebound tease listeners with what to expect from their upcoming EP, sharing new single Change Of Heart.  Farmham’s Homebound share rousing single Change Of Heart, the second cut from their hotly anticipated More To Me Than Misery EP, set to be released on August 17th via Rude Records. It’s

In Conversation with THE BEACHES

“If you love what you are doing and you keep at it, success will follow”, Canadian rock four-piece The Beaches reflect on the process of working on their debut album, touring and women in music industry. With bright sunlight coming through the windows, there’s no other

BODEGA Share Music Video for ‘Charlie’

New Yorkers BODEGA have unveiled a new video for their latest track Charlie, coming from their debut album Endless Scroll, out this Friday. By train and by ferry we travel around New York in BODEGA’s new video for Charlie. Directed by two of the band members themselves,

WITTERQUICK Release Summer Anthem ‘Bubblegum’

Rock newcomers Witterquick have just released Bubblegum, a tune that is destined to soundtrack those upcoming summer days and long nights. With its carefree spirit, Bubblegum launches us straight into a summery mode. Pushing at the melodic aspect of their epic pop-rock soundscape, Witterquick confront and

ICE NINE KILLS Announce New Album ‘The Silver Scream’

It’s quite literally a new chapter for Ice Nine Kills, as they announce their horror movie-inspired album with a music video for The American Nightmare. Ice Nine Kills are no strangers to dramatics, and they only push at this in their first single, The American Nightmare. The single