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Ludic 2020

LUDIC Drop Playful Hit ‘Heart Emoji’

Blurring the lines between indie pop, 70’s funk, and 90’s boyband R&B, Ludic’s latest single, Heart Emoji, is merriment embodied. Groovy bass and plucky guitars are just the tip of the funky iceberg that Ludic have uncovered with their new tune, Heart Emoji. It has

Staying Home With GIG GOER - Giant Rooks

Staying Home With GIG GOER // Episode 10: GIANT ROOKS

This week on Staying Home With GIG GOER…⁣⁣⁣⁣ Calling in from Berlin, Giant Rooks joined us to discuss their debut album Rookery, what changes have come from the pandemic, surprising fanbases, and how they want listeners to experience their album. ⁣ Watch the full interview

Will Joseph Cook Livestream 2020

Live(stream): WILL JOSEPH COOK // Bad Hotel

Will Joseph Cook performed Side A of Something To Feel Good About live from the Bad Hotel but you’re probably better off just buying the album on release day. Will Joseph Cook is known for his pop melodies and happiness-inducing tracks that perfectly compliment any