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Citadel Festival

What a beautiful day! An amazing weather – well done England! – and so many great performances! I fell in love so many times that my heart was shattered way before Ben Howard was even on the stage. Obviously, everyone knows he is good. Oh, yes he is. But in this first part I’d rather focus on other artists who in my opinion were outstanding and definitely worth of your time.


I was so worried I wouldn’t make it to see Tor Miller. He was playing very early on the Communion stage, which as it turned out was my stage for the day, and there were some technical issues with the tickets… These things get me very, very anxious, you know. There’s nothing worse than running late for the gig. Well, besides few things. But luckily I got in just in time!


Tor Miller


Tor Miller, who is more of a piano than a guitar boy, which is a nice distinction amongst the men of my life, is a 19-year old singer-songwriter from New York City. His Headlights EP came out in  February 2015 with best known single Midnight which, gathering great reviews, is a praise for his hometown. Speaking about the song  Miller said When I wrote ‘Midnight’…I had just flown to London for a long period of recording. During that time I was getting very  into all  these biographies and autobiographies about the ’70s punk scene… ‘Midnight’ was almost like a love note for the city and in a strange way an homage to a bygone era. 

Miller’s husky vocals will make you shiver. That’s all I can say. Plus, he is a very good-looking guy what obviously works in favour. He delivered a beautiful piano set of couple if his songs which was a genuine delight for me. He’s been also finishing his debut album in London appearing his favourite song on it called Baby Blue.

If I can write a song that I like, that’s good enough for me

Well, that’s definitely good enough for me. The sun was shining in London Victoria Park and everything felt so peaceful and right.



I want to be in a girl band now. I really do. Someone, have me please?


Honeyblood are Scottish duo who released their debut album on July 14th 2014 and they might be what has been missing from my musical life. If you are a girl you just want to be best friends with them but if you are a boy..well I’d rather stay away. With lyrics like I will hate you forever! or Scumbag sleaze! Slimeball grease! You really do disgust me! it is advisable to be very careful.

DSC_0793 Thanks Honeyblood for all the post break up songs! Much appreciated!



I was really looking forward to this particular performance. After hearing Turning Back Around and Close Your Eyes I knew straight away this British musician is another on my radar to watch out for. He already played three sold out shows in London on his UK headlining tour. Not to mention supporting artists such as Nick Mulvey and Sam Smith.


David Rhodes delivers dazzling show with this electric guitar and strong vocals of his. It is really hard to believe that he was afraid of singing in public before! Well, boy with that voice you can achieve what your heart wishes. Speaking of Wishes – his debut album – is set to be released on 4th September 2015.

The only thing I must admit is that his music brings mostly seriousness and sometimes you just wish for him to cheer up a bit. It’s a wonderful world waiting for you out there!

Anyway, he was brilliant on the stage and just before playing Turning Back Around he gave a short speech saying that it’s alright to be selfish sometimes. Just do what you gotta do. Everything will be just fine.

Sometimes we just need to do things for ourselves and we can’t spend our entire lives trying to please other people.


Come back in a day or two for more excitement like Nick Mulvey and Ben Howard!