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Monthly Archives: June 2015

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Wolf Alice will make your life better

Beautiful debut. Beautiful sound. Beautiful band. Wolf Alice entered at No. 2 in the official charts with their album My Love Is Cool and they were only 528 copies behind Florence! That’s the results published last Sunday.                  

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Some Kind of Heaven with Hurts

The third album is on its way! And we couldn’t be happier. But for now let’s all enjoy the beauty of the video for the first single Some Kind of Heaven of the new record called Surrender which you can watch below. The beginning of a bold

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Weekend vibes

Weekend vibes. Summer vibes – because somewhere out there is the actual summer. But no, not in London. Nope. It’s autumn again. Happy June everyone. Weekend vibes. Yes. New column with something different than just indie and rock. Because, believe it or not, I listen to