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The Spirit of Bring Me The Horizon

Let’s talk about spirits. No, I don’t mean the alcoholic ones (no, not just yet). Perhaps later. But now, let’s talk about real spirits. What is yours like then? How does it feel? What is it doing right now? Because mine is cheering loudly at this very moment. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this one particular record to appear in my life for a very long time. That’s why I’ve decided without any hesitation. Frankly speaking, that was rather a quick, but right decision. Plus, I made it only after TWO DAYS of listening! And I don’t do that. Ever. But yes, I decided That’s The Spirit is my album of the year.

Either way, confessions time – I still haven’t heard the new from The Libertines (please don’t hate me just yet..) I’m really stuck with Bring Me The Horizon now. On repeat. On a loop. I am even tempted to use John Green’s words and say that I am on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.


My motto usually is You know it’s good when you can’t decide which song you like the most. And apparently, I can’t decide. Every track is a potential huge hit. From already well-known heavy and loud Throne through the massive chants of the Happy Song to revamped beautiful Drown towards softer melodies of (most likely my current favourite love song – boys, that’s how you write long songs) Follow You and positively depressing  Oh No.


Bring Me The Horizon have evolved and improved big time! Obviously, that’s been the plan all along. To go big! Last week the band played a live session for Annie Mac at BBC Maida Vale Studios where the group talked about process of making the album and producing it by themselves. They shared some stories and ideas while opening up about drug addiction and rehab. The frontman Oli Sykes said:

After Sempiternal (2013) the band became so much more than we ever really envisioned. For the first time it wasn’t like we were fighting. We weren’t fighting to get on the radio or to get the shows.. It was the first time in our career when people were waiting for what we would do next. We’d been saying this for years. We want to be the catchiest the heaviest band out there. We’d rather be the heaviest thing you hear on the pop spectrum rather than the softest thing you hear in the metal.

Oh and lyrically how beautifully they’ve improved! Like my favourite thing at the moment is to play a little game with the tracks and travel across the lines of every song. Just picking my favourite and building into a whole. It’s brilliant. I don’t know when and where to stop.

You can drag me through hell so let’s run cause I’m under your spell but don’t let me drown ’cause I feel myself go under. I think we’re doomed but I will follow you. 

Be careful what you wish for.

I am aware this band is not for everyone. However, I also believe you’ll be surprised when you hear this new album and I bet there’s at least one (or three) song when it hits you and you realise they actually have some interesting stories to tell. And now is the time for us to listen to them.

The whole concept of the album is to make the light out of the darkness.

I reckon they succeeded.