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SWIM DEEP and their “Mothers”

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. That’s what they say, don’t they? Only, not in this particular one. Just five Birmingham-born lads.

Discovering a new band is one of my favourite moments. And when that band becomes sort of a favourite is even more favourite moment. Like you know, you swim deep and encounter magnificent variety of sounds and distinctive noises so the next thing you do you let yourself to get lost and go a little bit further. Deeper. Until you’re totally drowning in the mix of melodies.

Or perhaps, you’re just drifting on the surface of the sea and wait for the waves. You wait for the right wave, the right song which will consume you. Either way, not long until you realise you’re completely and madly in love. And you keep asking yourself When did that happen?

The sophomore albums are always tricky. Tricky in the making, tricky for the fans, tricky because of the great expectations. Some fail, some succeed. I am genuinely content when an artist or a band truly evolves and develops their sound, experiments with the music and makes a real progress.

Last Friday, October 2, Swim Deep played the in-store show at the Rough Trade in London due to release of the second record titled Mothers. Frankly speaking they manifest itself as the band who could easily fit into every period of time and come from every fabric of reality taken out of any universe. And yet, they managed to surprise me. Big time.


After regrouping and promoting the multi-instrumentalist James Balmont to the full time band member the indie pop boys of Where the Heaven Are We (2013) were left behind. Unveiling the first single of the new record To My Brother in February this year was the obvious change in direction and put Swim Deep in totally different light. Respectively, the next track One Great Song and I Could Change The World only strengthened their position in this successful transformation and definitely made people talking. Good. Very good. Let’s make them talk even more. And louder.

Influenced by the eighties acid house music and already critically acclaimed album Mothers (which is a praise to the creators of the universe) is a turning point towards psych-pop, synths and more electronic approach. But no fear. Despite that fact, there is not yet forgotten part of Swim Deep‘s spirit in every song. All of that makes perfect compilation with variety of layers and textures, and even more layers of sounds. Speaking to DIY Austin Williams, the lead singer of this B-Town group, said that the main idea was to create something that pushed the boundaries of electronic music and rock ‘n roll.

Mothers will send you on the dimensional journey with psychedelic harmonies of Heavenly Moment and Grand Affection. Whilst going further you’ll find yourself traveling through time and space in the track Forever Spacemen and Imagination. Plus the already mentioned two tracks alongside with Namaste make a well know but slightly reinvented Swim Deep sound.

But of course there must be this one song that changes it all. However, it’s not the opening one. The eight-and-a-half minute long banger Fueiho Boogie will make you lose it. Completely. And irretrievably. The mind-blowing track, which refers to the Fueiho law banning dancing in clubs in Japan, seems like blending every possible noise in the world and converting them into this brilliant masterpiece. And if you ask me, this is the one. Pure genius in its ridiculousness.

As for their small gig the band played some all time favourites – She Changes the Weather and King City which are always a delight. Check some pictures below.






It feels like we genuinely are going to war with this record. There’s tons of people who don’t know what to think of us yet. Tons of people who still haven’t made their minds up yet. People who hate us, people who maybe love us a bit too much. But now we feel like we’ve settled – we can actually be good musicians. We can make something out of this bond we have. – Austin Williams for DIY

Swim Deep are heading on the UK headline tour this month so go and say Hi!

October 10 – Sheffield

11 – Newcastle

12 – Glasgow

14 – York

15 – Liverpool

16 – Manchester

17 – Birmingham

18 – Cambridge

20 – Bristol

21 – Brighton

22 – London