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ALXNDR release the debut “RWND” EP

Not long since I caught up with the band ALXNDR while they were touring across the UK. When stopping at the Barfly in Camden we had a nice chat about the nostalgic era of the 90s, the music plans, the future aspirations and even about the food.

Despite the change in the line up and the name of the group this now three-piece has been very busy. Only a month later and they managed to surprise me. Starting last week, ALXNDR have released the new song YOU&ME and the debut RWND EP so far. Not wasting time, are you?


The North East band delivers alternative pop blended in the dreamy melodies at its best form. Add a little bit of modern ingredient and those mentioned earlier the 90s vibes and you get quite extraordinary mix of sounds which is better far far away from any labelling, if you ask me. I remember when lead singer Anth Snowdon said during our conversation:

Now we just have peace with doing what we do because we enjoy doing it. We’re not trying to fit any scene, not trying to follow what anyone else is doing. We write what we want to write and don’t worry about what people think. We are quite content now.

And now he adds:

“RWND” feels like a huge turning point for us. Releasing our first real collection of tracks feels great and we can’t wait to get some feedback from everyone that gives us a spin. We’re in such a great place right now musically and as a team, with some amazing support around us which gives this release perfect timing in our eyes. With this EP there’s really been no boundaries musically, we’ve just been excited to dive into influences that have affected us as musicians throughout our lives which has created a nostalgic musical soundtrack, hence the title Rewind. We take a lot of influence from 90’s Pop and R&B pioneers.

RWND was released on Nov 18 and you can stream it below.