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Interview // ADAM FRENCH Discusses the Headline Tour and Future Plans

“When I release an album I want it to be worthwhile” ADAM FRENCH discusses the headline tour and future plans.

Perfect timing!

What a way to start a year. What a way to spend a birthday.

Imagine that. As it happened, this guy decided to appear in London with his band on Jan 20th. Luckily, I’m at the stage in my life when I start deducting my passing years so the choice was rather obvious. It’s not like I was planning on throwing a birthday party or something so it’s all good. I could not possible miss this show.

I caught up with Adam French before his headline show at The Social in London. A sold out London show, worth to mention.

Definitely a great way to start this year – Adam says. I’ve done a few headline shows before but this is the first time to go around the country like this. I played a solo show the other day but this is a full band gig. Should be good. 

The thing is.. when you do other people’s gigs and festivals it’s great to play to someone else’s crowd but when you start your own – it’s a very rewarding feeling, like everything’s coming together and you can start to take things to a different level.


Besides naming Bon Iver as the top of his playlist, the British singer/songwriter shows an interest in the new music and the upcoming artists as well. However, he states A lot of my roots come from rock music and grunge. I love that sort of stuff.

So let’s get to know this young multi-instrumentalist a little bit more, shall we?

Originally, it was just me and the guitar and the piano, playing acoustic music, doing open mic and stuff like that. Kind of trying to figure out a way to sound a little bit different and just experiment with various instruments. I think [sonically] I’ve made an effort to make sure I don’t sound the same as a kid with a guitar, you know. Which essentially, is what I am. Now, I experiment with different sounds and layers more.

The first instrument for me was a guitar. I discovered it when I was about 8 years old and it was an old Spanish guitar of one of my neighbours. Then I just taught myself some chords, covers and stuff like that. Just making noise and learning from mistakes.

Adam French released a live video for the new song Euthanasia earlier this month. Despite the fact, it might seem like more of a mood killer, it’s quite interesting choice. This is what he had to say about it.

I’ve had a few ‘sort of’ family members that have lived to quite an old age but they’ve died of conditions like Alzheimer’s or whatever. And I just think when my time comes I don’t want to die in a hospital. I’d rather end things at a high point, you know, rather than be a burden to somebody else. It’s a strange conversation to have but it’s stuff my friends and me talk about.

What’s next then?

When I release an album I want it to be worthwhile

We’re releasing a track “Face to Face” in the next few weeks or so and after that an EP but the tracklist is still to be decided. 

I’ve got the songs and the material for an album but it’s just the case of.. when I release an album I want it to be worthwhile. I want people to feel like it’s the right thing to do. I don’t want just a couple of mates to listen to it. Not enough people know about me. When the right time comes we’ll do that and hopefully people will get what it is and what it is about. I think the next twelve to eighteen months are probably realistic but I’m not really in a rush to do it. I’ll just carry on releasing EPs, songs, touring. While people want to come to the shows that’s exciting for me.

Coming from a very small town (believe me I know exactly how it feels) in the Northwest of England, the singer/songwriter has already a promising future lying ahead of him.

We’re going to America at the end of March. We had to postpone it because of some visa issues but it’s really cool. First time out there so it’ll be nice experience. I think we’re doing three or four shows. One in New York and one in LA which is amazing ’cause I’m a kid from a town that’s about this big and nothing’s out there. So to be able to go and do that it’s still kind of alien to me but yeah, really cool.

As for the show, yet again I found myself in that small room where the lighting is not so good, but where the sounds and feelings float in the air. The intimate shows are always better. You can really see artists in all of their glory.

Before we move on, just a small digression. I hope that’s ok. Currently, I’m obsessed with Andy Warhol and I’ve been reading all sorts of stuff about his philosophy. Because you see, he used to think that “aura” is something that only somebody else can see, and they only see as much of it as they want to. It’s all in the other person’s eyes. You can only see an aura on people you don’t know very well or don’t know at all. When you see somebody on the street, they can really have an aura. But then when they open their mouth, there goes the aura. “Aura” must be until you open your mouth.

In this case I think I must argue with the last part. Because when this guy sings his aura starts to shine brighter. You know, I do believe some people are born to be frontmen.

Opening the set with some good oldies like More To Life, Adam French easily moves to presenting the latest additions – mentioned earlier Face To Face and Weightless – which show his well crafted songwriting skills and the comfort of interlacing up-tempo guitars with more swinging sounds. Melodic harmonies enhanced by very distinctive vocals and strong stage presence are definitely designed for bigger crowds. Because as it seems this particular audience needs a little bit of encouragement to which the singer plays Euthanasia. Obviously, you would think that’s not the best idea, yet it works just fine. One thing I notice, the singer has the talent to conduct people as he wishes. More, they let him.

No doubt, the highlight of the evening is a solo version of the piano ballad Punchbag Love. If this track does not make you feel anything, you might have a problem. Figure it out. Quickly.

And finally, finishing up with Hunter and Ivory, as well as the singing crowd, Adam’s “aura” is all kinds of beautiful. I wish you could see it someday.

The extremely high confidence, a little bit of wit and, let’s say, cockiness work really well for him. I’ve got a feeling 2016 will definitely start something bigger in French’s life. Personally, I can’t wait to see [and hear] what he’s up to next.

I definitely can’t let you go without listening to this beauty which might be my favourite thing at the moment. And see some pictures of his sold out show below.