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Interview // THE AMAZONS

THE AMAZONS on working in the studio, their latest music video and kissing David Beckham.


I caught up with The Amazons just before their smashing set at Flying Vinyl Fest a while back. Obviously, I’d done some research, I’d heard a thing or two, I’d made some assumptions.

Not quite what I expected. In a positive way!

With not many shows in their current schedule and with a studio as their current hideout the Reading four-piece did a quick stop at SHAPES in London to play a short set. How’s it going then?

We’re recording currently – says Joe Emmett (drums). We’re held up in the studio 24/7 but it’s fun. It’s different to what we’ve experienced before. We’ll be staying there for a month or so but we’ve only done a few days. I’m sure by the end of it we’ll be killing each other.

As the band unveil their songwriting process can get very interesting sometimes. Most of the time, actually. And it may or may not involve a rare practice.

Chris made a little shrine to the Rock Buddha – Joe continues. There’s a lot of candles and a pentagram.. We have some incense we’re burning all the time.

I think I’m gonna get more deranged – adds Matt Thomson (vocals / guitar). Permanent incense – two at a time. We can’t play unless we can’t see through the smoke. There’s definitely a fire but there’s no fire alarm which is really good.

It’s not even a joke – the drummer sums up. But in a short answer – it’s going great.

Whatever works, right?


The Amazons formed in 2014. They released Do You Wanna? EP in Oct 2015. They now have found a new home at Fiction Records. Two years later then. When you think about it.. there’s never enough time but also – always plenty of time. Has anything changed?

All things that are worth doing usually take the longest time

Me, Chris and Elliot have known each other for 10 years now – Matt explains. And when we started jamming at the beginning of 2014 we met Joe. Then it was only September 2014 when we played a gig as The Amazons. It takes a long time to just get things together, really. But all things that are worth doing usually take the longest time. These things that grow rather than just happen.

You can feel everyone’s different flavour in the recipe now

Some of the newest songs that we’re recording at the moment are darker – Elliott Briggs (bass). A little bit different to the songs we originally did as demos.

Yes, musically we’ve evolved a lot more – the singer says. You’re kind of working out who you are as a band. You can feel everyone’s different flavour in the recipe. Everyone’s different vibe in the band. I think now more than ever it’s more a collaborative effort.

Any fights?

No, there’s no fights – the drummer says. Not yet. All love. We’re recording together 12 hours a day and sharing hotel rooms, even sharing beds.

No actual physical fights – Matt adds. They will come.

TheAmazons22_KasiaOsowieckaRecently, the band have dropped new music video for the latest track Stay With Me. The song was produced by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, The Maccabees) so make sure to watch the clip below. Here’s what the group had to say about it.

We tried to make a video that had some meaning – Matt starts to explain. Narrative with characters, actors and cameos. And then we were sent an edit while we were on tour. It was alright but it wasn’t us really. It didn’t suit the song, it didn’t suit us as a band or anything. So instead of going back to the label saying that we didn’t like it we came up with a solution. We kind of bashed our heads together and came up with loads of cool stuff that would be fun to film and we could do in our hotel rooms. There was also loads of live footage from Matt Goff – the photographer that hangs out with us all the time. So it’s just us having fun on tour really. The thing is, that’s what you want to see from bands rather than some grand statements. The song is quite raw, probably our rawest, punkest song. The video had to be a bit like that. And it was shot in this van which is not a private jet or anything. I think we somehow had to go down a certain route to realize what we wanted to do.

So what happens next?

After the studio we’ve got a bunch of summer festivals coming up – says Elliott.

And the band start to name them all. We’re playing Festival No. 6, Standon Calling, Truck Festival, Kendal Calling, Y Not Festival, The Great Escape, Beat-Herder, Glass Butter Beach, Flying Vinyl today, Lost Village, Are You Listening Festival in Reading. That’s most of them so far – they sum up.

Good job – their manager approves. Very impressive indeed, I must say. Some bands don’t even know where they play the next day.


Alright, I guess we talked enough music. As the conversation unravels I find out the guys still watch The Walking Dead (two seasons behind though), they’re absolutely terrible at FIFA nowadays and they are fans of Peep ShowThis van is named after Big Suze – Joe says as Matt continues – As I’ve got older I found a new love for Peep Show because it’s so pathetic and depressing that it feels like real life. You don’t get it when you’re younger.

Moving on then. When asked about any celebrity crush a lively discussion follows and I hear first picks. There’s something about Denise Welch and Margot Robbie..

I like people who do stuff – says Matt. Not like Kardashians who don’t do much. Who do we like collectively in a band? – he asks.

Kevin Parker from Tame Impala is our celebrity crush – he continues. I’d do anything for him, actually. I’d probably kiss David Beckham as well. Out of all men in the world. How has it got to men?

From Margot Robbie to Kevin Parker to David Beckham.

Just Kevin Parker – Elliott cuts in. He is our No.1 dude.

Yes, I’d take a bath with him and talk about music.. – Matt thinks out loud.

And shave his legs.. – Joe let his imagination run wild.

Me too boys. Everyone would.

Now do yourself a favour and listen to some great music and defo catch The Amazons on tour while they’re playing near you!