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JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD Gig Review // The Borderline

JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD perform at The Borderline in London.

When JEFF The Brotherhood dropped into London’s The Borderline on Monday night last week they delivered a little bit 90’s goodness. While other bands try to recreate this sound, these two brothers Jake and Jamin Orral from Nashville have the goods.

Nothing is slowing down the music as the band has been creating epic tunes since 2002 with two releases in 2015 alone. Their eleventh album Zone, released this year, serves some more gritty psychedelic guitars with embellished and magnetic drums.

They showcased their large catalogue of music and the set ran effortlessly. It moved at a steady pace, but there is nothing steady about what these brothers do. Guitars were surging through the crowd as older songs allowed for a great sing-a-long with patrons.

What’s more, longer tracks felt raw and captivating. Newer on the other hand, such as Punishment and Zone, took us through different eras and genres thanks to layered rhythms and solid drums.

The duo’s signature sound intensifies through the wavy and wicked guitar solos. And it surely was a great thing to witness. At parts the set was gentile and melodic, playing around with guitar sounds as drums were building up.

JEFF The Brotherhood didn’t disappear before leaving an insider scoop. It’s not the last you will see of them. They will be playing a secret show on the 30th of this month in London. So if you didn’t catch them already you still have a chance. Hanging around in London for a final show.

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