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THE BOTTOM LINE Reveal Video for ‘I Still Hate You’

British pop punks to support Simple Plan and Waterparks these coming months.

The Bottom Line have unveiled new visuals for the title track from their recent EP I Still Hate You

Who needs any more love songs, right? Mixing old school skate punk with some youthful anger, The Bottom Line serve a fast-paced relatable tune I Still Hate You. The video depicts the band performing live with confetti and balloons covering the room, what seems like a perfect way to deliver a straightforward and punchy message.

Frontman Callum Amies explaines:

‘I Still Hate You’ is pretty self explanatory, we’ve all been there before. We rush into a relationship with someone we think is perfect, it becomes toxic and everything falls apart, pretty damn quickly. Usually these things just slowly go away and we get on with our lives. But on this particular occasion I remember the repercussions becoming really sour – the person egged my car and got a job at my local bar to make my life hell. So I felt like the only thing that was left to do was to write a completely obvious song about them, with a VERY to the point meaning! The song is super relatable and really connected with our fans quickly.

The Bottom Line will be joining Simple Plan on their “No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls” Tour across the US and Canada before supporting Waterparks in the UK this September.