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LIVE // AGAINST THE CURRENT, The Borderline London

The Poughkeepsie, NY trio made a stop at The Borderline last Thursday night ahead of Reading & Leeds Festival appearances.

Before playing Main Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival last weekend, Against The Current brought an intimate performance to The Borderline in London. Having sold out the show in 36 seconds (!!!) was clearly a good sign as the anticipation was rocking sky high. Located in the centre of London city, The Borderline is an alternative music space not even reaching 400 cap, what may seem like a challenge to even survive the show being surrounded by the eager crowd. Well, the first rows were quite feisty but we did our best to take at least a few photos.

ATC’s following has been growing pretty fast since their first musical attempts as a YouTube band, before signing to Fueled By Ramen (twenty one pilots, Panic! At The Disco), and their live shows are best to prove it. Led by highly charismatic frontwoman Chrissy Constanza, the NY outfit easily injects dynamic spark into their boisterous pop-punk live settings. Arriving in style with a huge dose of energy, the band was welcomed with a bunch of balloons floating in the air and screams that did not cease till the end of the show. For those unaware of what was going on, it was a birthday surprise for Chrissy who just turned 22, as she explained: “I am now 21+1. I hate number 22”.

Running With The Wild Things and Blood Like Gasoline opened the set, bringing to life that inflamed spirit ATC captured so well on their last year’s debut album, In Our Bones. Forget Me Now saw everyone jumping up and down whilst Chasing Ghosts took it down a notch, allowing Chrissy’s vocals to soar high and echo throughout.

No doubt, the highlight moments must go to the powerful song Paralyzed, taken from 2015’s Gravity EP, and the stand along cascading single Outsiders. “It’s not on any album but you guys always ask for it”, so everyone sang back every word of the lyrics. “When I wrote that next song I was in a really bad mood. Let’s see how loud you can get”, she said as Brighter hit the ether.

“We played The Borderline in 2014, it was our first headliner. It was much shittier then but it was first time we thought we might be able to actually do it. The moments like these give us validation, like maybe we don’t suck that much. And since then we’ve put out a record…”, singer exclaimed causing loud cheers. In My Bones and Gravity were just cherries on top as they rounded it all up.

It was clearly a big moment for the band, an intimate show that gathered many devoted fans (or just the lucky ones who managed to score those tickets). With magnetic stage presence and a deep sense of connection with the audience, and a catalogue full of potential hits, Against The Current are on a path that only goes up. They did play Main Stage at Reading and Leeds after all.

Photos: Kasia Osowiecka