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Track by Track Review of FIZZY BLOOD’s ‘Summer of Luv’ EP

The new EP Summer Of Luv from alt-rockers Fizzy Blood arrives throwing us a hectic dose of creative fury.

In a genre which requires some real out-of-the-box thinking to stand out these days, Fizzy Blood have managed to find their own little corner from which to beat their drum. And that on its own is enough to give this a listen. It starts at breakneck speed and rarely gives you a second to breathe.

The EP literally crackles into life to introduce Pawn, a track that feels the way I imagine trying to ride a bicycle away from a high-speed train. At 2:44 it really sets the furious pace of what’s to come, thumping into Black Sabbath territory by the end. Its shorter length actually works well because any longer and I think it would just sensory overload.

Lead single ADHD is exactly what it says on the tin. It doesn’t know whether it’s up, down or sideways, but it’s as interesting as it is restless. Changing pace, changing direction, changing sound – it’s the standout track of the five. I can easily see this being smashed along to by some sweaty festival faces.

Haunted starts with a twangy intro that is straight out of the Metallica playbook. It’s dripping with struggles of the mind, “I know sometimes I can be a little over the top/don’t let my mind wander off” is the cry as you plunge into the chorus. Full of self-doubt and angst but not in a way that feels morose – it’s angrier but it feels genuine.

Penultimate and title track Summer Of Luv is the black sheep of the collection. It begins like the start of an indie track straight out of 2007, sharp synths take the direction away from the previous tracks. It’s less violent and intense, but that’s not to say it’s not a decent track. You feel it just may not completely fit in though.

The last track Healing Isn’t Free could be a Queens Of The Stone Age cover with it’s thumping beat and funky riffs. Its lead-guitar squeals are a Josh Homme homage that doesn’t quite leave the EP finishing as it started. It’s a good effort and variety usually helps to break the monotony of ‘samey’ albums, Fizzy Blood are definitely better at the bigger, stranger and heavier sounds though.

It’s an EP full of energy, ferocity and intrigue. It has borrowed from others and tried to give back its own product, unfortunately it just falls short of excellent. It is however, a bloody good set of songs that are worth your time and I hope Fizzy Blood continue to push their limits.