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State Champs Unplugged 2020

EP Review // STATE CHAMPS ‘Unplugged’

Ten years on and State Champs are proving that they are more refined and adept than ever with the release of their heartfelt and captivating EP, Unplugged. Consisting of four original and two reimagined tracks, State Champs’ Unplugged is a delightful EP that puts the

Same Side 2020

EP Review // SAME SIDE ‘Same Side’

Although it is only five tracks long, the new project from Kevin Geyer (The Story So Far, Elder Brother) is threaded with optimism. Sonically, these are the tracks you’d find yourself listening to in mid-afternoon at a music festival while sitting in a field, the


EP Review // BELMONT ‘Reflections’

For Belmont’s latest effort, an EP titled Reflections, the Chicago five-piece have cooked up a tasty stew by mixing bits of pop-punk, trap, a little bit of screamo, metal, and whatever else they could take inspiration from. As the comment memes go: Label: “So what

WhoHurtYou Stages EP 2019

EP Review // WHOHURTYOU ‘Stages’

On their debut EP, WhoHurtYou effectively explore the different stages people go through after a breakup, packing a punch for those going through the same. Started as a way to deal with both their breakups, All Time Low’s Jack Barakat and popular songwriter Kevin Fisher