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BRUNO MAJOR Unveils New Video for ‘Just The Same’

Singer songwriter Bruno Major releases new visuals for recent single Just The Same.

Lifted from his project of monthly released tracks, A Song For Every Moon, Just The Same follows the blues trail with an electric touch of simplistic staccato. The trace of singular piano tones and lonesome beats enhance the vocals, capturing the focus of the tune within the sparse movement of those few elements.

The video seems to follow the trend of science inspired aesthetics, with Major taking part of something between a crime scene investigation and a science experiment. The symbolism of this draws on the over-analysis one goes through after a break-up. Looking through every evidence of the relationship in excruciating detail, the video approaches this in a hyperbolic manner.

Speaking of the video, Bruno said:

I was lucky enough to work with one of my favourite video directors Louise Bhose. His unique brand of irreverence and dark humour was something that resonated with me. It was an amazing thing bringing ‘Just The Same’ visually to life with him.

Bruno Major will play on the 15th of November at London’s Omeara.