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Live: CREWEL INTENTIONS // Sebright Arms, London

With the bare minimal of a cryptic Instagram account and a Facebook page lost in the shadow of echo chambers, Crewel Intentions’ online trail is barely visible. With no music out the band relies on the old school word of mouth and the attraction of mystery to claim their praise.

Support band, Hotel Lux, immediately evokes a sense of sardonic gloom. With a gritty approach, swaying in nostalgic recurrence, the band sounds like the perfect soundtrack for any dystopian novel. An interesting act in their own right, these guys may soon step up from the support slots to claim their own audience.

Without any warning, it’s hard to predict what’s to come as Crewel Intentions play up. Led ferociously by Palma Violets’ ultimate indie darling, Chilli Jesson, the sound seems bound to fall within the same ground. Though more refined, the music bears uncanny resemblance to Palma Violets. As tedious as such comparison may seem, the classical elements of rock with a nostalgic tint may never fade.

Crewel Intentions are definitely a great live band in their own right, the tight melodies bounce off each other, moving between swaying melodic and effervescent outburst of staggering proportions. Jesson’s crooning and constant motion stands as a glorious juxtapose to his stoic band mate’s steady foundation. Jumping into the crowd, singing in people’s faces and balancing on speakers, Jesson puts in every effort to capture his audience in the intensity of the live moment.

And not surprisingly, it works like a dream. The audience dance, mosh and chant. Glasses are broken, sweat is dripping, it’s a pure moment of utterly real rock and roll. Presenting Youth In Overload, Jesson utters; “I thought that title was pretty good”, following some snarky comment from a fan. Good title or not, the song is great. The fluid motion and balance between swooning and gritty makes me almost mad it’s not out anywhere. With Crewel Intentions you have to savour the moment as there’s no going back.

The set continues with a rough energy. Jesson’s shambolic stage presence leads the crowd on. The misanthropic Renegade flares through the room, smashing any doubt that Jesson and the rest of the band’s days as London’s best kept secret may soon be over.

For now, Crewel Intentions flourish on their secrecy. Keeping a low profile adds that mystery that we’re lacking in this digital day and age, and honestly it feels amazing to see a band seemingly in it just for the shows, at least for now.

Photos: Aurora Henni Krogh