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CHAPEL Drop Vibrant Clip for ‘Don’t You Love Me’

Indie-pop duo Chapel have a brilliant new video for their contagious track Don’t You Love Me.

Coming from their Sunday Brunch EP, Chapel have continued with the food theme as the clip is a tasty chaos.

If you wanted to know what a human size pancake bed looks like, you don’t have to wait any longer. Vivacious as the song and the highly saturated, the video features the pair getting hectic with a large variety of food items.

Talking on new video singer Carter Hardin says:

Love is a mess, and we wanted a visual that portrayed exactly that. We believe Max really helped create not only that, but also an accurate representation of who we are as a band. Also I really really really wanted to sing on top of a stack of pancakes, and the team made it happen. We are very proud of this video and hope you enjoy our video for ‘Don’t You Love Me.’