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TOO CLOSE TO TOUCH Release New Video ‘Before I Cave In’

Before I Cave In is the latest single from Kentuncky’s Too Close To Touch.

Too Close To Touch have gifted us all with their surprisingly hilarious video for the track Before I Cave In.

To contrast the heavy context of the lyrics in the song, the visuals are light-hearted and will have you laughing out loud. As the clip starts up we are taken through the formalities of a cliché Hollywood film; introduction of the title and characters. As it progresses subtitles of editing insights unravel i.e (Really good editing transition 2#) and (Unplugged amp set up in a super cool and unconventional way). It pokes fun at the production in a self-deprecating way turning what could be considered a stock standard music video into something interesting, enjoyable and fun to watch.

The band states:

We’re happy to share our new single ‘Before I Cave In’ – a dark and emotive song that was cathartic for us to write. We wanted to push ourselves to try something new for this music video and explore making a light-hearted visual that was the opposite of the song itself. Sometimes, humour and the ability to laugh at yourself is the best form of medication.