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Live: LANY // O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

The LA-based trio LANY end 2017 with a triumphant show in London.

After a busy festival season and a whirlwind journey across the globe, LANY have made their way back to London. It’s been a few months since their self-titled album was released and they still astonish putting on impressive performances.

Before the trio reveals their presence the sound of dripping water hails from the speakers. Synchronising with an imagery of the rain displayed on the massive screens, the atmospheric intro of Dumb Stuff sets up the allure. To create a moment of suspense a mysterious female voice sends a message across the room: “It’s gonna be the best night of your life”. No one doubts that when the loud screams reassuringly arise.

Jumping onto the stage to the energetic beat of 4EVER!, LANY successfully make us forget about the December cold lurking outside. Their dreamy haze of sun-soaked melodies effortlessly conjures a feeling of the endless summer. As frontman Paul Klein theatrically throws himself on the floor to the sound of the closing notes, a suitable song follows on next. Accompanied both by the roses appearing on the screens and those falling down on the stage, Flowers On The Floor emphasises a simple gesture that’s been a vital part of LANY’s world for a very long time.

“London you’re my favourite”, frontman Paul Klein addresses the eager crowd before launching into the fan favourite yea, babe, no way, that instantly brightens up the whole room. Built upon 80s infused catchy synths with R&B elements, it is a quintessence of their blissful alt-pop version and a soundscape they master so well.

LANY have developed an exceptional aesthetic sensibility. Taking a step ahead in their stage production approach, tonight’s live arrangement overshadows all the previous attempts but does not diminish the performance itself, not even for a second. A vibrant display of flashing clips creates a mesmeric spectacle of dazzling lights, playing games with our senses.

Tonight clearly is all about enjoying the moment and leaving all the worries outside of the walls of this venue. Good Girls, WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS and The Breakup serve the ultimate danceable vibes whilst Made In Hollywood seems to be a perfect opportunity for the singer to stage dive. Klein makes sure the connection between the band and the audience stays strong, taking the interaction to the next level and teasing the fans with a constant stagediving.

Their debut album captures us in a bubble of eternal heartbreak as we witness the intense performance of 13, Tampa and It Was Love, with the latter seeing the frontman carrying a bottle of wine for a more dramatic and emotional effect. Needless to say, the audience join their voices for a massive sing-along all throughout.

“London, I’ve been looking forward to this show for a while. Actually, I think this might be the best city in the world and this is one of my favourite shows ever”, we hear as Paul sits behind the piano, situated in the centre of the stage. Darkness covers the venue almost completely leaving a single streak of light shining down on the singer.

We gradually get immersed in a piano mashup that follows next. The heartfelt cover of Harry Styles’ Sign Of The Times, Pancakes and current location slows us a bit to embrace the compelling sounds while pink skies brings the lively spirit back, leading us toward the ending of the set.

The outstanding hits Superfar and ILYSB herald the grand finale extracting the remaining energy from the audience. More flowers shoot in the air as the band takes the last bow.

London has always had a special place in LANY’s heart just as the band could always count on a great support here. Tonight’s show only proves that the bond has grown even tighter and 2018 will be bigger and greater for both sides.

Photos: Kasia Osowiecka