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‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ on Repeat

According to a study conducted by The Economist Mariah Carey’s classic rules Christmas streaming.

As of late November there is no escape, in shops, streets, malls, on the bus, there is no escape from Mariah Carey’s eternal classic All I Want For Christmas Is You. And with over 210 million plays on Spotify alone it’s easy to see why the tune is so inescapable.

Ruling out all competition on Christmas streams, the love song has ached almost a legendary status, much with help from its iconic appearance in the star studded Christmas movie Love Actually.

According to the study the key to its success is in the chord variations, so listen a little extra careful next time you play the Christmas tune.

And in case you wondered – yes, it’s still cashing in for Carey as the song alone is responsible for 60 million in royalties for the popstar.