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CLOUD CONTROL Release Video for New Single ‘Panopticon’

Sydney’s Cloud Control have released new visuals for their latest track Panopticon, adding a whole lot of style and intrigue.

Directed by Thomas Wilson-White, the video is filmed in the stark realm of black and white, playing with texture and pattern in the most pleasing of ways. Following the band around, they seem to be caught up in a cat and mouse like scenario that the visual elements make even more suspenseful.

Heidi Lenffer explains the meaning behind the track:

When I learnt that the US and UK governments were quietly creating archives of info about ordinary people — recording texts, emails, web searches, and geo-location data that showed where people went every 2 seconds – my reaction was weird. I was appalled, but I still hung out on Facebook and it didn’t really change my behaviour… which forced me into an awareness of my own complacency about privacy rights.

Director Thomas Wilson-White talks about the video:

The title of the song references a scheme of design that allows all the inmates of an institution to be observed without the knowledge that they are being watched, and I really wanted to lean into this. The clip is an espionage thriller that pays homage to the surveillance spy flicks of the sixties and seventies, with Cloud Control navigating a brutalist urban landscape as they’re closely followed by an anonymous group. Throughout the music video, it’s revealed that the pursuers are identical to those being pursued – alter egos of the band members, who ultimately entrap their counterparts.

Panopticon features on Zone – the band’s third album, released in 2017.