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LION Releases Debut Single ‘Self Control’

Self Control is an emboldened and passionate debut from the ferocious newcomer LION.

With a heavy bass line intro and White Stripes-esque guitar licks, Self Control instantly grabs your attention.

With her husky and assertive vocals, it is no wonder LION, aka 24 year old Beth Lowen, caught the eye of 4 Non Blondes singer and record producer, Linda Perry. With Linda’s backing it is unsurprising that Lowen has already played at SXSW in America, toured with Isaac Gracie, The Vaccines and is on tour next month with Girli. An impressive opening for any newcomer to the scene.

With Self Control, Lowen manages to capture that sense of frustration when being spoken down to during a heated emotional moment in a relationship. Sarcastically apologising for simply being herself and insisting that she won’t be changing for no one before being the one that does the walking. It’s a grungy rock song engineered to make you shout and scream and let loose. It’s empowering without being obnoxious.

I will be keeping a close eye on LION and I eagerly wait to see her live on stage because I feel Self Control is a track that can not be confined to a record.