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PALE WAVES Share Music Video for ‘Heavenly’

Manchester goth-pop beauties, Pale Waves,  have unveiled the video for Heavenly, the final single to be released from their debut EP, All The Things I Never Said .

With each new release, it seems the band embrace the darkness more and more; the cover for their EP is simply black with non-invasive red text. Though some may be put off by the gothic feel of the band, lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie pulls it off time and time again.

With this new video directed by Adam Powell, we see a struggle, a struggle between light and dark, a struggle between pretty and ugly, a struggle between freedom and restriction. We see Baron-Gracie confined in place by wires attached like a Marionette, controlling her movements while she attempts to break free. Aesthetically, Baron-Gracie is a sign of beauty, her delicate face with striking blue eye make-up is juxtaposed by her zombie like body movements, awkward angles created by hanging from these confining wires that support her deathly presence; think Edward Scissorhands. She is encapsulated in darkness with LED screens and strobes having an epic battle, with flashes of red and blue, casting Baron-Gracie as a silhouette. It’s a secretly pretty video befitting the band perfectly.

Pale Waves have another busy year ahead of them, they have just finished a sold out UK tour and are now currently on their own headline tour of the US before hitting the gig circuit again with shows at numerous UK festivals and a sold out show at London’s Heaven on May 24th. There is even talk of a debut album on the horizon, so watch this space…