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HONNE Return with Two Tracks ‘Day 1 ◑’ & ‘Sometimes ◐’

HONNE has released two new infectious tunes Day 1 ◑ and Sometimes ◐.

Day 1 and Sometimes  hint at a strong sophomore effort from the band and their acclaimed debut album Warm On A Cold Night, released July 2016, has perfectly set up a listening base for the new music.

Day 1 draws off of their more upbeat R&B influences, opening with a delicate yet catchy piano backing melody and the lyrics are heartwarming and romantic. The band describes the song as “fundamentally about loyalty and being with someone right from the beginning”, and this rings through. Sometimes  contrasts the first tune. It starts off slower and seems like a more reserved creation by the pair. Both songs are beautifully produced and show real growth from HONNE.

Additionally, the duo has sold out an intimate London show in 10 minutes, set for May 8th at Village Underground.