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JUDAS Release Music Video for ‘Big Mouth’

Big Mouth sees a monumental turning point in the musical direction of the loveable indie rouges Judas.

The four-piece recorded their new track in The Gatehouse at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Bassist James Phillips and Liverpudlian lead singer John Clancy, recently expressed how being in such an iconic studio really made them up their game. That’s not to say their previous music was inferior, their last single Ceasefire has had over a million plays on Spotify. This time round however, they have enlisted Larry Hibbitt of Hundred Reasons, to produce the track with them and they are certainly reaping the rewards. They knew what they wanted and they went all out to get it.

Big Mouth opens with dark and moody synths, and Clancy’s voice is full on apologetic and remorseful in tone. Todd Blackmore is throwing down some really provocative guitar riffs and combine that with Sam Horvath’s big and dramatic drum beats, it really generates the angsty frustration that lifts this track to anthemic levels. Phillips bass is on fire, he does a great job at getting your body grooving. This is surprisingly a very sexy and passionate track.

The video sees the young punks suited and booted, confined to a chair while taking a few punches from an intimidating bit of muscle. It’s a brilliant analogy for those moments in life when you really put your foot in it by not thinking before you speak, “I say what I think / It gets worse when I drink”.

Occasionally these ill-thought-out comments have life changing repercussions and you can’t help but beat yourself up about it. You try to rectify the damage but things just go from bad to even worse and in the case of the video, we see the boys being doused in petrol before a lighter is dropped while Clancy is repeating the words “Take it all back if I could”.

Sometimes we have to learn our lessons the hard way…

The band explains:

The title ‘Big Mouth’ sums up the meaning of the track perfectly. Everyone has done it. When you’ve had one too many drinks and say the wrong thing.

Judas are about to embark on a tour all across the UK and I can’t wait to be there front row to hear this song live.