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THE BEACHES Release Music Video for ‘T-Shirt’

Toronto’s The Beaches have dropped retro clip for T-Shirt, the second single off their debut album Late Show.

Let’s take a step back in time shall we. Why not? The world is doomed at the moment anyway. The Beaches have you covered with their second single T-Shirt and their evocative video is just as heroic as the track.

The ‘Top Of The Pops’ style clip is full of glitter and glam which makes the track that even more dazzlingly catchy. Their tongue-and-check lyrics and gritty guitars seem to be right on point and make the band even more intriguing to watch. And can we appreciate the clothing and the amazing changes the band make through out the video? Pure awesome.

Coming from their debut album, Late Show, released last year the band have defiantly been making some bold waves and this video seems like a celebration of that success.