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VILDE Shares Music Video for ‘Flash In The Pan’

Stockholm-based, Australian raised Vilde has released some impressive visuals for this latest track Flash In The Pan.

Australian alt pop artist and ex-Kins frontman Thomas Savage, aka Vilde pairs some saturated imagery with his vibrant new track.

Flash In The Pan shows how alternative pop music is done. This tune comes from Vilde’s forthcoming album, Thud which is set to be released on the 13th July. He has defiantly put himself into this record, writing, producing and mastering it himself. Making it a very personal project indeed.

Vilde says:

‘Thud’ was a new experience for me. I realised that I felt like the last time I really knuckled down and dug into something was making the Kins album in 2012. I’d lost touch with the concept of work ethic in music. Everything since had been whimsical, I believed inspiration was reliable. My productivity waned. I felt an urge to prove to myself that I could actually commit to something and follow it through.