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BLACK HONEY Share Video for New Single ‘Bad Friends’

Black Honey have returned with brand new single, Bad Friends, announcing their long-awaited debut album.

Black Honey have been super busy touring the globe and this is the product of all that hard work. Harnessing their thrilling pop aesthetic, they have given us visuals to go along with their brand new track, Bad Friends. The clip is part lyric video with a DIY webcam YouTube style.

Bad Friends is a first taste of the band’s forthcoming debut album, set for release this year.

They explain:

‘Bad Friends’ is a still in time- when you feel just as lost in a moment as you are lost in an internal conflict between your ever-changing feelings for the wrong people. It’s about ultimately craving something that makes you alive. Sonically we wanted to create our own Frankenstein’s monster of pop music that felt equally wrong as it is right.

We wanted to explore how widespread feelings of loneliness can be with this video. The women in the video are all self-directed, there was no brief and everything was their own artistic interpretation of the song. I chose women I found online I find interesting and beautiful in their own artistic way. I wanted to celebrate the insides of women minds – explore their relationships with their own reflection.