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Live: CONFIDENCE MAN // 170 Russell, Melbourne

To be able to describe the visual and audio spectacular that is Confidence Man is just impossible.

It’s one of those acts that you have to see to understand the drama of the show. But let’s give this a go.

For a Sunday night the vibe in 170 Russell was buzzing. As I tried to enter the venue people were trying to sneak in, unsuccessfully by the way. It felt like a Friday or Saturday night the way patrons were getting into the pre music.

As the lights went low and flashes of lights shun onto the crowd two veiled topless gentlemen entered the stage. Drinks in hand, they greeted the crowd and took their places behind the synths/keyboard and the drums. As they opened the evening it was then time for Janet Planet and Sugar Bones to make their dramatic entrance and the crowd erupted. Dressed for the part, they didn’t waste any time and kicked things off with Bubblegum.

Their bold and sassy tracks Catch My Breath and C.O.O.L Party kept the crowd hyped and they performed each track with a choreographed dance routine that took each track to another level. The crowd were throwing their hands up and getting their own dance on in the sweaty pit of a dance floor. The set wasn’t shy of a few random props. Popping a bottle of bubbly, lifting weights and a hand mirror were all just in one song. They defiantly pulled out all the stops in making it more of a visual experience and the crowd appreciated it completely.

If my counting does me justice, their was five costume changes for the pair and each got more impressive. This included 90’s Clueless-esque outfits and even ensembles that lite up. You can’t get more entertaining than that. The show just got even more hard to look away from. Tracks like Try Your Luck and Don’t You Know I’m In A Band were delivered with such confidence and sass that it felt like we were in our own little world down in the basement venue. Their music surely appeals to a wide audience and those who just want to have an awesome time. It was a shame that it all had to come to an end.

They ended the night with a brief exit before coming back on the stage for Out The Window. It was everyone’s last chance to get a good boogie in before the harsh realities of the mundane Monday struggle came over us all, and we didn’t waste any time. Until next time Confidence Man where we will all be a little more stretched and prepared for it.

Photos: Liz Stephens