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Live: PALE WAVES // Heaven, London

Pale Waves bring their dazzling set to London’s Heaven.

At first glance, Pale Waves are the sort of band you’d expect to be bashing out old school My Chemical Romance revival songs with their yin-and-yang hair styles and china Goth attire, yet their music speaks more similarly to The 1975.

This similarly isn’t much of an assumption but a fact as The 1975 have provided two of Pale Wave’s previous singles There’s a Honey and Television Romance, and their massive stage production being heavily influenced as well.

Their sold out show at London’s Heaven, a venue far too small for Manchester’s four-piece packs their beloved crowd from the South – drawing their screaming faces to the barrier with pop hit New Year’s Eve, capturing the party vibe melody that Pale Waves emit.

Check out our photo gallery below.

Photos: Isha Shah