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ISAAC GRACIE Shares Visuals for ‘Running On Empty’

Isaac Grace has released new video for his track Running On Empty.

Running On Empty is taken from Isaac Gracie‘s acclaimed eponymous debut album, out now via Virgin/EMI.

Directed by Stephen Agnew (Wolf Alice, Royal Blood, Drenge), we are taken to the glorious English countryside to ‘record’ the track. With a gorgeous setting and some seriously impressive outfits it doesn’t take much else to make this a great clip. But thanks to two ‘producers’, they keep the clip entertaining and had me giggling away at their efforts to get the track recorded. Do yourself a favour and check this one out.

Agnew explains:

Isaac is a really interesting artist with a timeless quality, both to his music and aesthetic. This is paired with a very English sensibility. I thought it would be fun to highlight these things whilst exploring the more esoteric elements musical heritage, in a manor that wasn’t too self-regarding or dark, whilst playing with the stories that surround the recording process. This video is basically that. It draws its inspiration from all over the shop.

The location is a house that Led Zeppelin owned and that actually featured in ‘The Song Remains The Same’. The video itself is comprised of references and vignettes inspired by the stranger, more esoteric moments in rock music recording history. Some are contrived, some are direct references to pretty infamous anecdotes and characters.