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AVRIL LAVIGNE Releases New Video for ‘Head Above Water’

The comeback for Canadian singer Avril Lavigne continues as she releases the accompanying video for single Head Above Water on her birthday.  

Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

Everyone’s favourite Canadian blonde bombshell Avril Lavigne recently broke her five year quiet spell with new single Head Above Water.

The comeback was initiated from an open letter Avril published to her fans at the beginning of September; highlighting her fight with Lyme Disease. It was during this difficult time in her life when she sang through the pain and the writing process for Head Above Water began.

The song has already reached #1 on iTunes in 18 countries and recently received its premiere performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. Understandably, the song is incredibly emotional and the accompanying video compliments the dramatic beats and rising sounds beautifully and the end result is just an overall treat for the ears and eyes.

Witness the beauty for yourself below.

The ending then goes on to highlight the Avril Lavigne Foundation; an initiative put in place to help raise funds to provide direct treatment for individuals impacted by Lyme who otherwise couldn’t afford it. Clearly something very personal and close to Avril’s heart, she is pushing herself forward as a charitable activist in the fight against Lyme. To join the fight against Lyme, get your own #HeadAboveWater charitable t-shirt here.