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Live: NONAME // The Forum, Melbourne

Chicago’s finest, Noname stopped by Melbourne for a show at The Forum to fill the hearts with so much joy. 

The night before she unleashed on the Listen Out festival stage, Noname took a moment for a more intimate performance at The Forum. She is making her stops more frequent, after two sell out shows late last year, she comes sharing much loved tracks and adding some new ones too.

As her band and back up vocalist graced the stage, the smoke machine was cranked up and the crowd erupted. You could hear the buzz build and the cheers intensify. She didn’t waste any time by replicating the warm welcome by playing some crowd favourites, Sunny Duet and Diddy Bop which sent out some super cool vibes over the crowd. Her first release Telefone harbouring amazing and iconic tracks that punters were clearly invested in and gave it their all as much as she did in delivering it.

Noname invested some time to make sure the audience knew their role in participation in some tracks, creating a true connection between stage and patrons. And quite successfully at that. Artist defiantly had her work cut out for her. A big venue and whole lot of people to keep entertained on a Friday night. But she did good. Witnessing some stand out and more interesting dance sequences in the crowd, everyone had their own flavour to bring on that venue floor but all was appreciated.

She performed pieces that she featured in, including her moment in Comfortable with Mick Jenkins and Acid Rap with Chance The Rapper. She also joked that Chance would come out on stage to perform. The crowd taking it in their stride and loving every moment. She also shared moments in her set to shine a light on her new music. Coming from her recent drop, Room 25, she accepted a warm response from tracks like Don’t Forget About Me.

Stand out moments like Yesterday which showed her quick observations about life and the things around her into something extraordinary, look easy. As she bounced around the stage with lines that sounded like she didn’t even take a breath made her performance that even more of a sceptical.

With a brief exit off the stage, then returning to explain, “You know I’m coming back, but we have to do it”, it was time for the night to wind down. Closing the night on Shadow Man the room was holding onto every last verse and chorus because we all knew it was going to come to an end in an instant. Always gracious and humble Noname ended on a roaring applause and cheers as she filled the old theatre with a whole lot of charm and pleasure.

Photos: Liz Stephens