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MILLIE TURNER Hypnotises on New Single ‘Night Running’

Channelling youthfulness with a nostalgic tinge, Millie Turner truly shines on her latest track Night Running.


London-based Millie Turner captures the carefreeness and verve of youth on her new single, Night Running.

With a tasty beat underpinning the track, Millie’s velvety vocals take centre stage as swirling electronics create a dreamy ambience. Soaring on blissful melodies, the breezy feel totally takes over as we dance our way throughout the song, and the aesthetically pleasing visuals only magnify this notion. Aged just 18, we can’t wait to see and hear what Millie serves us next.

Millie explains:

Night Running was inspired by a moment, when you come back from a night out, and you feel the kick of adrenaline. To me, night running is an anthem of youth, a movement of people who get energy from the night. In some way I want it to inspire people to appreciate that moment, to keep that sense of excitement wherever and whoever they are.