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THE SHANTICS Release Humorous Video for ‘Heaven’

The newest video from The Shantics is sure to give you the giggles.

The Shantics 2018London-based rock quartet The Shantics bring out their latest smile-inducing video for their single Heaven.

The single is inspired by the story of Steve Callahan, a divorcee who decided to sail the world to discover who he is without his wife. He uses the time to reflect, but ends up being pushed to his limits, stranded at sea for 76 days. Whilst severely dehydrated, yet being surrounded by undrinkable water, he describes the experience as ‘a view of heaven from a seat in hell’. This quote was lifted and is used by lyricist and vocalist Jimmy Morris in the track, in the first line to be exact.

The video is sure to get a laugh out of you, as it sees Jimmy dancing around in front of a striped background. With a wide variety of moves up his sleeves, he gets so into the dance that he ends up stripping off his top halfway, and continues without missing a beat. It’s a funny watch that almost seems to contrast against the hard-hitting nature of the track, but if you’re looking for a good time, you’ll find one with the video.