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OMAR APOLLO Unveils New Single ‘Trouble’

You may be in trouble with falling too hard for Omar Apollo after he releases his newest single Trouble.

Omar Apollo 2019

Mexican-American Omar Apollo may have dropped out of college only two weeks in to start writing and producing, but he’s definitely not going to have any trouble making a name for himself if Trouble is anything to go by.

With its woozy beats and chilled-back bass, it’s a track that wraps itself around you and seduces you with its exotic blend of R&B, funk, jazz, pop, and more. It’s not possible to place a finger on exactly what genre Omar’s music fits into, but is that really of utmost importance when it sounds so good? His vocals will send shudders of euphoria through you, and you’ll feel your heartbeat slow down as delectable harmonies layer over each other.

The heartbreaking visuals document the relationship between Omar and his adorable younger brother; every choice that Omar makes is subtly reflected by his brother, and can prompt viewers to think more deeply about the indirect consequences that actions may have. This is particularly striking when Omar and his brother face each other, after one of Omar’s decisions results in a car accident. A thought-provoking watch, it shows Omar as not only a master of his music but also a craftsman in shaping the visuals to bring a further dimension to his tracks.