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THE FAIM Drop Video for New Single ‘Fire’

When you combine The Faim and a track called Fire, the result is, perhaps unsurprisingly, straight fire.

The Faim 2019

Perth-rockers The Faim have garnered a huge buzz about them last year, and this is only bound to grow with the release of their latest track Fire.

Packed with frontman Josh Raven’s soaring vocals and an energy that can easily fill arenas, it’s a rousing track that will get you riled up for the band if you haven’t already jumped on the hype train. The groovy bass beat provides the backbone to electrifying guitar solos and smouldering melodies, all driven by an infectious passion that transfers from the band to you. There’s no doubt that The Faim are starting a fire, and it will only blaze the way to a bright future for them.

The video tells an endearing story; a younger Josh receives a message in a bottle, and with great eagerness, he returns the message but doesn’t hear back. Your heartbreak for the adorable young boy will melt away at the ending where all is resolved, albeit in a cliché manner, however you can’t help but feel content.

Josh explains:

The concept behind Fire is about how dedicating yourself to achieve your dream can affect your relationships with those closest to you, be it family, friends, or loved ones. When you fully believe in something that you’re working towards, it can become an addiction. You become so focused on what you plan to achieve that you lose sight of what’s happening around you. This is what ‘fire’ refers to in the song: that burning passion to create, express ourselves, and grow as musicians that we can’t put out even if we tried.

The Faim are currently working on their debut album, which is slated for release later this year.