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SUNSLEEPER Release Video for New Single ‘Soften Up’

Salt Lake City band Sunsleeper have announced their signing with Rude Records and their newest single Soften Up.

Sunsleeper 2019

Things have been quiet around Sunsleeper since the release of their debut EP, Stay The Same, in July 2016. Even though they’ve been busy touring with All Get Out and Homesafe, fans have had a long wait anticipating new tracks. Luckily, this week the band has returned with their newest song in collaboration with a new record label.

The band describes having gone through many changes in their lives around the time of writing the song and Soften Up is the description of what they’ve experienced. “I’ve been trying to come to terms with it wasting my time for miles and miles on end” vocalist Jeffery Mudgett sings. When it comes to songwriting, the time between Stay The Same and Soften Up certainly hasn’t been wasted, because Sunsleeper sound as good as ever and are definitely ones to watch. We’re hoping they’ll make their way over to Europe soon!

Lead vocalist Jeffery Mudgett elaborates:

The video and song parallel each other. It describes how on the inside that is typically where the discomfort and anxiety lives, and while on the outside this is where we put up a front or a smile, like nothing is wrong.