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SHALLOU Shares New Single ‘All Your Days’ ft Emmit Fenn

A daydream in lulled beats and glittering electronics, the newest track from shallou is a soul-soother that we all need. 

shallou 2019

Los Angeles-based producer shallou shares his soothing new track All Your Days, featuring Emmit Fenn and it’s a dazzling slice of ambient pop that can calm even the most fiery situations. There’s a frail beauty to the track, which hangs still in a swirl of exposed vocals, pulsating beats and kaleidoscopic electronics. A tentative voice gently breezes past your ears, and the resonant bass shines like a glimmer of sunlight amongst the heartfelt accompaniment.

Speaking about the track, shallou explains:

Emmit originally wrote the demo for Coldplay, just his voice and keys. When he played it for me I knew we could come together and make something special that felt genuine to both of our sounds. We both wanted to express the simple moments of love. There’s so many songs about heartbreak that we’ve all written and heard on the radio, so we thought it would be nice to have a pretty song like this people can escape into or maybe reminisce with. Like a lot of my production, I like to infuse happy lyrics with a tinge of moody sounds to make them feel more emotional, and this track definitely exemplifies that.