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THE BEACHES Share Visuals for New Single ‘Snake Tongue’

Bursting with girl power and unabashed attitude, Snake Tongue already sounds like classic The Beaches.

The Beaches 2019

Back with their signature retro glow, Toronto-based The Beaches throw a middle finger at unwanted advances in their new single Snake Tongue.

Channelling their bold confidence and unmistakable swagger, the track is a testament to women’s empowerment and the band’s tongue-in-cheek style. With Jordan’s powerhouse vocals at the forefront, Snake Tongue is a piercing blend of infectious pop rock hooks and punchy in-your-face lyricism. Celebrating the destruction of objects presented to women by suitors with an antiquated idea of romance, the accompanying visuals are a perfect match for the gritty and fiery track.

Vocalist Jordan Miller explains:

At the risk of sounding like a marketing campaign that targets women, I wrote ‘Snake Tongue’ about our own experiences, but hope that it empowers women who are constantly on the receiving end of unwanted attention to take back some control in small but meaningful ways.