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BEABADOOBEE Shares Video for ‘If You Want To’

The rather playful visuals for Beabadoobee’s If You Want To will almost want to make you experience her insomnia.

Beabadoobee 2019

London-based singer Beabadoobee, aka Bea Kristi, shares the visuals for If You Want To, lifted from her recently released EP Patched Up. Born in Manila and raised in London, Bea has managed to capture the hearts of her generation with her own brand of bedroom pop that interweaves candid lyricism about the stages of growing up and her own delicate vocals which hold a quality of innocence to them.

If You Want To is sure to be an anthem for insomniacs everywhere; the lyrics are sure to be highly relatable for anyone who suffers from it, especially when she sings ‘lack of sleep takes up half my brain’. The visuals for the track sees her playing out the role that she’s singing from, as a worried woman is heard at the beginning pleading a doctor to do something as Bea ‘hasn’t slept in weeks’, before we plunge into the wild and wonderful mind of Bea when she’s experiencing the lack of sleep she sings about. Rocking out with her band in the confines of her bedroom, it definitely doesn’t look like the worst way for insomnia to keep you awake.